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French tacos, a new big competitor of street food

Many French rappers speak about it in their music, the Franch Tacos invaded France at a great pace: the Tacos became a culinary phenomenon which, in a very short time, proved to be a fundamental especially for the French youth. Since the 2000s, these new-generation French fast-food restaurants have emerged as serious competitors for the big names in American fast food and the historic local kebabs.

Indeed, large groups such as McDonald's, KFC, or Burger King have adapted their strategy to this new phenomenon incontounable among young French. The Franch Tacos is eaten at any time of the day and is never closed. It is also possible to eat a French Tacos at noon, than in the evening or even during the night after a party. Its strong point is filling the stomach for a price even cheaper than the big American fast food. Young people also like it because it is customizable according to size but you also have the choice of meat, sauce and accompaniment. It is sold a lot like a fast food menu with fries and a drink.

This new competitor knows a big scale in France and begins to develop abroad thanks to chains which begins to open in the whole world to make discover this French touch to the greatest number.

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