Created at the end of the 90’s in the suburbs of Lyon, exactly in the hood of “La Grappiniere”, Vaulx-en-Velin’s city, French Tacos became a huge success in France from its sudden development from Lyon to Paris and has grown in Europe and North Africa in the past few years.

It’s origins come from the Algerian dish eaten by the Moudjahidines soldiers, the Kesret Chahma: a galette with grease, shakshuka…

So why “tacos” as a name? The legend comes from the story of Nordine and Habib, known in Lyon as the two “french tacos” creators. They wanted to reproduce the dish of their mom. For this, they used a tortilla, added shakshuka, meat and french fries and then closed it. At the same moment, a kid entered in their butcher shop and asked about that special product. Habib, with no hesitation, replied: it’s “a tacos”! Then, the young boy tried and love it! From this, French Tacos grew in the area and became a popular meal in Lyon and its suburbs.

Eating this meal since his middle school years, Julien, the founder of Hey Pelo, a native of the Lyon’s outskirts (like the French Tacos!), dreamt about it since his arrival in Hanoi in 2016. After a few months in Hanoi, he met his wife and partner: Phuong. ​

“When there’s no French Tacos in the city you live in, better to make your own!”

It’s in December 2018, that started the adventure “Hey Pelo”, the first French Tacos restaurant in Vietnam, and one of the first in Asia. Since the opening, thousands and thousands of Vietnamese & international customers have come to taste this brand new street food meal in Hanoi and discover its new flavors.


Forget everything you ever knew about tacos… Hey Pelo brings something new in Vietnam you might never tasted before: the Original French Tacos from Lyon, France! ​

We are not making Mexican food but French, and our meal doesn’t look like a taco indeed… The French Tacos are more in between the kebab formula, the burrito wrapping, and the panini cooking. ​

Tortillas, sauces, french fries, shakshuka… Most of what you can find in Hey Pelo’s Original French Tacos is HOMEMADE! A rich mix between street food and French cuisine.

It was important for us to also bring the original taste of french tacos. That’s why we worked on our own recipes of popular sauces in France like the Algerian, the Samurai and of course, the cheese sauce.

Taking into consideration the quality of our products, we decided to work hand in hand with suppliers who would be able to provide ingredients from sustainable, resilient and organic agriculture.

We put a lot of passion into our products, and that’s maybe why our french tacos are so good!


Hey Pelo is more than just a french tacos restaurant!

We are an urban brand, proudly sharing abroad that street food from Lyon we love, rhythmed by hip-hop music everyday and surrounded by our characteristics designs!

Everyone is welcome in the Hey Pelo community, from the satisfaction of eating french tacos with your crew, or alone after a long day of work, to the good feeling while shaking your head on Hey Pelo hip-hop beats we share at our shops. Just come as you are and let yourself be taken in our story!