Kebabs and French Tacos are a huge success in France. About 360 millions of kebabs are sold every year in France. Meat, french fries, lettuce, tomatoes, onions… The döner kebab’s french version has a lot in common with the French Tacos composition. If the classic one is made with what we call “white sauce” (a kind of tzatziki sauce), most of kebab shops made also their success with their big variety of sauces. Without it, the story would be very different. But where come from those sauces with their atypical names like Andalouse, Brazilian, Samurai or Algerian?

To know, we need to cross the border, not too far from France, because we’re going to Belgium! Those sauces were created from the 70’s by companies such as La William, Colona or Devos Lemmens, at first sauce suppliers for restaurant, before to grow internationally. But where come from those sauce names? It’s pure creativity! Let’s take the Algerian sauce example: Algerian people didn’t know the Algerian sauce before it became a thing in France and Belgium. Its invention comes from the halal sauce brand Nawal’s who got inspired by the Mahjouba, an Algerian stuffed crepes recipe with an onion and spices base. Sweet and spicy, the Algerian sauce is, with the Samurai, one of the most favorite sauce in France.

Having as motto to give you the best since our opening in 2018, we decided, instead of importing industrial sauce, to make our own Algerian sauce. Being the first in Vietnam bringing the Algerian Sauce, we succeed to make it as one of your favorite, easy to mix with beef, chicken or falafel, as much as to mix with shakshuka or classic salad.